About Us

About Us

Ongoing<br> Research


Ongoing<br> Research
Research to Enhance Effective, Eco-Friendly Services through informed and Evidence-Based Approach
Creative<br> Solutions


Creative<br> Solutions
Promoting Health and Development through Recycling and Community Action.
Youth & Women Empowerment

Youth & Women Empowerment

Youth & Women Empowerment
Empowering Women: Jobs, Training & Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurship through Plastic Recycling

We Have Power Today To Change Our Upcoming Tomorrow

We are driving & delivering transformational change: to end plastic waste in the environment and protect the our planet.


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When you refuse to reuse
it’s Earth you abuse.

Do you know what materials are recycling? In 2020, almost all materials are recyclable! Plastic, glass, alumni, cardboard, paper, metal, and much more can be reused and recycled.

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Plastic Recycling

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Recycling is a key component modern waste reducation and is the third component of the “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” waste increase awareness in society.

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